CalcRPN v1.1

CalcRPN is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator for Android powered devices running version 1.5 or higher.


  • x2, √, yx , 1/x, log, 10x, ln, ex
  • cos, sin, tan, cosh, sinh, tanh, π, e
  • 16 level stack
  • Work in radians or degrees

If  you are reading this on your mobile device, click here to download from Google Play.

To use CalcRPN…

Scroll the blue function button area to reveal more math functions.  Enter numbers then press a function button for the result.  For functions that require two inputs, type the first number then press the “Enter” button.  Type the second number then press the function (add, subtract, divide, multiply, or yx).

The button to the right of the entry area shows “deg” when the trig functions are using degrees or “rad” when using radians. Press the button to switch between radians and degrees.

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market.

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