FairFare v1.4

Don’t get overcharged for cab fare! FairFare calculates your cab fare as you drive using GPS and time.  Your can set up rates for different cab companies or cites.  The screen shows your fare, your speed, the distance traveled and how long you’ve waited in traffic.

If you are reading this on your mobile device, click here to download from Google Play.

To use Fair Fare …

Get in your cab and select a city or cab company you want to use.  Press the “Start Trip” button. When you get to your destination, press “End Trip”.

Note to New Yorkers:  The fare rate is different outside the five boroughs.  When you enter or leave the city, change the fare rate as you travel by selecting a new rate from the drop down list.



Set up a fare rate…

Before you take your first trip,  set up at least one fare rate. Press the menu key then select “New rate”. Fill in the charges and press “Save”.  This example shows the charges for New York City.  To change a rate, long press the rate selection drop down, or press the Menu key then select “Edit rate”.  The entries for the currently selected rate will appear.

Note about GPS …

The GPS first has to find your location before Fair Fare can begin calculating your distance traveled, speed, and fare.  The GPS starts with the last location it had for you and may take a while to find you if you have moved since the last time you used the GPS.  This delay may cause an error in your fare calculation.  You can set up the GPS by starting and ending a ‘trip’ before you get in the cab, or by running the Google Maps app and selecting “My Location”.  When the GPS is preset with your current location it should lock within a few seconds when you start your trip.

Updates for Version 1.1

Added Help.  Improved accuracy for starting point of trip.  Prevent Force Close when GPS is disabled.

Updates for Version 1.2

Added currency selection and distance unit selection (miles or km) for each rate.

Updates for Version 1.3

Added license check.

Updates for Version 1.4

Corrected missing soft menu key.

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market

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