Fast Favorites v1.3

Tired of going through multiple steps to just to make a phone call?  Put a Fast Favorites widget on your home screen and get one touch access to your favorite contacts .  The Fast Favorites Widget will let you step through your Favorites list, then just select call, text, or e-mail.

To keep your home screen uncluttered, use just one widget to access all your Favorite contacts. Or, for one touch access,  set up several widgets for your most frequently called (texted, emailed) contacts.


  • Home screen widget
  • One widget can access any Favorite contact
  • Use multiple widgets for one touch call, text, or e-mail to several different contacts

For Android 2.2 or higher.

If  you are reading this on your mobile device, click here to download from Google Play.

To Use Fast Favorites…

Create Some Favorites…

First, be sure to mark some contacts as Favorite.  Open the contact information page and press the star so that it is yellow.  Select the Favorites tab to see your list of Favorite contacts.

Add a Widget to the Home Screen…

On the home screen, press the menu key, then select Add, or long press the home screen background.

Select Widgets.

Select Fast Favorites Widget.


Using the Widget…

Press the photo (or icon) to access the contact information.

Press the arrow to select the next contact from your Favorites.

Press the phone icon to call this contact.

Press the messaging icon to text this contact.

Press the mail icon to e-mail this contact.


Launch the App for instructions…

Go to the apps page and launch Fast Favorites for instructions.

Scroll down, there’s a Help button at the bottom that will lead you to this web page.






Updates for Version 1.1

Fixed Force Close bug.

Updates for Version 1.2

Added license check.

Updates for Version 1.3

Updated for Android 4.4

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market

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