Hockey Stats v1.5

Keep track of your player’s performance with Hockey Stats.  Record ice time by period, power play, penalty kill, and even play.  Store  game score, shots, goals, assists, penalty minutes, hits, and plus/minus  for each game they play.  Email, text, or export game statistics to your SD card in csv format for viewing in your favorite spread sheet.

For Android version 2.2 or greater.

If  you are reading this on your mobile device, click here to download from Google Play.

To Use Hockey Stats…

Getting Started…

To start, press the menu key and select “New Game”.  Enter a title, or opponent for the game.  Set the date and time and press “Ok”.  You now have a game record in the app database.  Now add a player (or several) by pressing the menu key and selecting “New Player”.  Enter a name and press “Ok”.  Select a player for this game using the drop down list at the top of the screen.









During a Game…

Select the period and type of play (even, power play, or penalty kill) using the radio buttons.  Whenever your player starts playing, press the “On Ice” button.  During a stoppage or when your player goes to the bench, press the “Pause” button.  Press the red buttons to record team goals.  Press the blue buttons to record a shot, goal, assist, penalty,  or hit.  To increase the plus/minus, press the (+/-) button.  To decrease the plus/minus, long press the (+/-) button. If you make a mistake and press a blue or red button accidentally, just long press the same button to go back one.  If you make a lot of mistakes, or just want to start over press the menu key and select “Reset Game”.  That will set all the stats back to 0.


If your game goes into overtime, press the menu key, select “More”, then select “Add OT”.  Another radio button will appear after the P3 radio button.  Choose the OT radio button to record OT ice time.

After the Game…

To change the game title/opponent or the date and time, press the menu key and select “Edit Game”.  Enter the new title/opponent, date, and time then press “Ok”.

To load a previous game, press the menu key and select “Load Game”.  A list of all games stored in the database will appear.  Select the game you want to see.

To send the game stats to a friend (or yourself), press the menu key, select “More”, then select “Send text with Game Stats” to send a text message.  Select “E-mail Game Stats” to send an e-mail.

To store the current game’s statistics on your SD card, press the menu key, select “More”, then select “Save Game Stats to SD Card”.  The game statistics will be saved in csv (comma separated variable) format using the title, date, and time as the file name.  Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.  Now you can view the file in a spreadsheet, delete it, move it, copy it, or rename it using your computer.

To delete the currently loaded game, press the menu key, select “More”, then select “Delete Game”.  The game will be deleted from the app’s database.  This does not affect files saved to the SD card.

To remove a name from the list of players, press the menu key, then select “More”, then select “Remove a Player”.  Select the player to remove.



Updates for Version 1.1

Added game score and plus/minus to main screen.  Show player lists in alphabetical order.  For removing a player, show the list of players instead of removing current player.  Added feature to send stats via SMS text or e-mail.

Bug fixes.

Updates for Version 1.2

Bug fix:  Corrected Force Close when selecting Edit Game menu item and no game is loaded.  Creates a new game instead.

Updates for Version 1.3

Added license check.

Updates for Version 1.4

Corrected a bug in the title that causes a force close when editing a game.  If you see a $ in the title, with htis update you can edit the game correct the title.

Updates for Version 1.5

Updated for Android 4.4.

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market.

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