Mashup v1.2

Mashup lets you splice together segments of any audio files you have on your handheld device. It plays a group of segments that you define in order.

For Android 1.5 or higher.

If you are viewing this page on your Android device, click here to Download from Google Play.

To use Mashup …

Play a mashup …

Select the mashup you want to play from the drop down list.  A list of the segments in this mashup group will appear showing the title, album, artist, start time, and end time for each segment.

Use the playback controls to play the mashup.  The Pause/Play button stops or resumes playback.    The Prev button takes you to the previous segment.  The Next button takes you to the next segment.  The fast forward and rewind buttons move you 5 seconds forward or backward in the group.  You can also use the thumb guide on the progress bar to move around in the song.  A playback indicator shows which segment is playing.

Name your mashup …

To create a new mashup select the “New mashup” entry from the drop down list.  Long click on “New mashup” and the drop down will change into a text edit box.  Enter a name for this mashup and press the “OK” button.

Change the mashup …

Long click on a segment to edit, delete, move up in the list, or move down in the list.  Long click on the mashup name the edit the name.  Press “OK” when you are done entering the new name.

Add segments to the mashup…

Press the “Create Segment” button to create a new music segment.  A list of all the audio files on your phone will appear.  Scroll through this list to find the song you want to use.  Press the menu key  to sort by Tracks, Albums, or Artist.  Use your keyboard to start typing the song’s title, artist, or album to narrow the list.   Select a song and press “OK”.

Edit the segment …

Once you’ve selected a song, the edit segment screen will appear.  The artist, album, and title are shown at the top (portrait mode) or left (landscape mode) of the screen.  Press the title button to choose a different song.  The two larger buttons show the start time and end time for this segment.  Press these to set the start or end time to the current place in the song.  The plus and minus buttons adjust the start and end time by 0.1 seconds.

The gray area at the bottom of the screen contains the playback controls.   The leftmost button takes you to the starting point of the segment.  The right most button take you to the end of the segment.  The fast forward, rewind buttons move you 2 seconds forward and backward in the song.  You can also use the thumb guide on the progress bar to move around in the song.  Press the Back key when you are done to save the segment.  To cancel a new segment, press the menu key then select “Cancel”.  If you are editing an existing segment, press the menu key then press “Undo Changes” to go back to the original.

Keep adding segments to the group as you wish.

Updates for version 1.1

Bug fix for progress bar.   Added licensing.

Updates for version 1.2

Updated for KitKat (Android 4.4).  Added Help menu.  Other bug fixes.

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market.

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