RoboReply v1.1

Don’t text while you drive!  Let RoboReply auto reply to your incoming texts when you are driving, at a movie, working out, or otherwise unavailable.  Choose your reply message from a list you create, then set the length of time to automatically reply.  RoboReply will turn itself off when the time expires.  Reply to everyone or just your contacts.  Your reply will also tell them what time you will become available.  RoboReply also provides a home screen widget.


  • Home screen widget for quick access
  • Create your own replies, as many as you need
  • Reply to anyone, or contacts only
  • Automatically shuts off after the time you specify
  • Reply includes when you will be available again
  • Ongoing notification and number of replies sent notification

For Android 1.5 or higher.

If  you are reading this on your mobile device, click here to download from Google Play.

To Use RoboReply…

Run the app to set up the parameters for RoboReply.  Select a reply to send using the drop down list at the top of the screen.  RoboReply comes with a few replies pre-installed, but you can customize your replies.  To change a reply, select it then press the “Edit Reply” button.  To delete a reply, press the “Delete Reply” button, then select the reply to delete.  To add a new reply, press the “Add Reply” button then enter the new reply.

Use the checkbox to tell RoboReply to answer all text messages, or just ones from people on your contact list.

Set the length of time you want RoboReply to remain active using the hours and minutes pickers.  Press the “Reset” button to set the time to 0, this will  turn off RoboReply.

RoboReply will respond to incoming texts with a message.  For example, if you selected the “I’m driving” message at 1:00 pm and set the time to 1 hour,  the response will be:

“RoboReply: I’m driving.  I will be available at 2:00 pm.”


RoboReply lets you know it’s running with an ongoing notification in the status bar.  When it sends a reply, an additional notification is set showing how many replies have been sent since you turned it on or changed settings.  Click on either notification to bring up the app.

Add the widget to the home screen…

You can add a RoboReply widget to your home screen.  To do this, long press on the home screen background, or go to the Home screen,  press the menu key and select “Add”.  Select “Widgets”, then select “RoboReply”.    The widget shows the currently selected reply, and the time when it will turn off.  Press the button with the balloon logo on the left side of the widget to open the app and change the settings.  Press the green arrow to change the reply.  Press the green plus to keep RoboReply on for 15 addtional minutes or start it for 15 minutes.  Press the red X to turn RoboReply off.

Updates for Version 1.1

Added license check.

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market.

Scan this QR code to download from the Android Market.

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